Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to possible questions about Kraaibosch, which are not answered in the introduction above:

How flexible are the building guidelines?

Within the scope of the guidelines, there is plenty of flexibility for many different home designs, include a range of choices in building material, roof material, paint colours, style and size of house. The guidelines are designed to ensure a common look and feel, and they represent minimum requirements to ensure that all homes are upmarket, stylish homes within the Cape Village style. Well motivated relaxations of certain architectural guidelines will be looked at on a case by case basis, by the Design Review Panel.

What is the security like at Kraaibosch?

Kraaibosch is fully fenced and has 24 hour security at each entrance. We are in the process of upgrading our perimeter fence to electric fencing. Kraaibosch HOA has appointed a Resident Security Committee (RSC) who are tasked to monitor the security contractor, identify potential weaknesses in our security arrangements, and recommend capital or operational improvements on an ongoing basis. Kraaibosch is one of the most secure yet pleasant places to live in the Garden Route.

Kraaibosch is currently in the process of upgrading their access control with top of the range biometrics and will install infra-red CCTV cameras all around the perimeter fence with 24h monitoring.

What are the levies used for?

The levies of R700 per developed stand and R1 050 for undeveloped stand per month constitute the HOA's budget for the running and management of the estate. Expenses include a full time estate manager, maintenance manager, team of gardening staff, accounts administration contract, security contract, marketing costs, water and utilities, rates and taxes, ongoing repairs and improvements, and sometimes capital expenditures which will benefit the estate.

Do the trustees get paid?

No. Our trustees are home owners (elected at the AGM each year) who care about our estate, and contribute their time and expertise free of charge.

Do any trustees have vested interests in the management or security contracts?

No. Contracts are put out to tender and none of our trustees have any involvement or vested interests in the contracts.

What steps do you have in place to limit mismanagement of funds?

Accountability structures are in place. No single trustee has individual signing power to spend HOA funds. HOA accounts are audited annually, available for members to scrutinize and presented to the members at the AGM.

When will the building period end?

Most erven took transfer during 2007. This means that by the end of 2020, all building at Kraaibosch should be complete.

How are the resale values at Kraaibosch?

Kraaibosch is becoming a very popular security estate, and resale values are good, considering the current housing market. While we prefer long term investors who intend to build and hold on to their Kraaibosch property, many owners who bought their properties early on have already sold their properties at a solid profit. We as well as local estate agents continue to get regular enquiries from potential buyers who are interested in Kraaibosch due to our excellent position, good security, low levies and unbeatable mountain views!